Playing with words is one activity that gives me greatest pleasure but I still fall short when I need them to tell someone who I am…I’m hoping the words I choose to write further on from today will serve the purpose!

I’m also going to use this space to explain the use of my title, ‘mrig trishna’. Looked at the words individually, a ‘mrig’ means deer and ‘trishna’ is desire. The term taken the together tells us about how deers fall prey to the waters of a mirage in a forest often and keep looking for it all their lives.

Long back, I had come across a different version of this story, and that is actually the one that appeals to me much more. A certain kind of mrig (deer) has a beautiful smell emanating from its navel. However, the deer unaware about the source, searching for it everywhere, throughout it’s life! Elusive.


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