I saw a puppy today. I called out. He stopped in his tracks and turned to stare at me. His tail began to wag. I called out again, kept being playful. His tail wagged further; wagged furiously at one point. You could almost hear the tail whip the air around and make a funny, subtle sound.

I slowly stepped down from where I stood, eager to inch closer to him, letting him see me as an ally. I was dying to pet him and play. He wagged his tail and made an amazing puppy face right back at me. But every step I took towards him, he retreated one step away from me.

He continued to wag, continued to give me that adorable look, and continued to step away until he ran off. He stood far away, by the gate, continued to stare at me. But he refused to come closer. I gave up after a point, and walked away.

I wonder if this what we humans do as well; to ourselves and to our relationships. One’s love for love is sometimes overridden by the fear of love.