Only when you turn off the lights, do you see those stars shine in the dark night sky
And yet we resist so much,
The darkness,
Because it brings to light all that we have been trying to keep at bay,
Funny, this irony
The darkness that brings things to light
Those times we hesitated,
The fears we harboured,
The times we avoid thinking about
Because they are too precious to lose at the risk of reliving them

But the light does nothing to resolve
It merely lets you avoid
Things that you must face when you turn off the lights and close your eyes
In those moments when you start to fall asleep
And before you actually do,
Is when the dark descends
Do what you may, it does

So stop running towards the light
It isn’t the only way out
You need the darkness within
To appreciate the light without
And the darkness around
To be able to identify the light within