It’s an enviable ability
To express yourself
To express what you’re thinking just the way you’re thinking it..
To let your face project what you feel within..
To crib with the assurance of not being put down for it..
To be able to show the disgust you feel at something..
To let your brows furrow in anger that otherwise would eat you up within..
To shrug off all responsibilities for a while and let yourself be frustrated..
To tell someone when you disagree with them instead of the mechanic nod..
To pause and let others know what you need..
To be able to ask for help..

One needs to be able to accept to be able to express. Accept themselves the way they are. Accept their feelings the way they feel them. Accept that expressions of fear, shame, disgust or disappointment do not mean a permanent damage to relationships. Accept that there are people who might never approve. Accept that you have a choice – to express. And that choice might bring along consequences that may only increase discomfort. But they allow you a certain freedom as well.
Once in a while, we can do ourselves a favour; let out what needs to be let out.