The age we live, nothing seems to have an end. You moved to a new place, broke up with someone you loved, your friend moved to a new city, you changed jobs, your parents chose not to move base with you, so on and so forth. It is not a ‘big deal’ anymore, is it?

There are a ridiculous number of ways in which we can all stay in touch from wherever we are; and at times, we ‘stay in touch’ even when we would rather not.

What I wonder about more off late is how would it have been if there would have been no ‘ever afters’. If every final goodbye had really been final; would that last hug have lasted a few seconds longer? Would there be more tears? Would there be a different kind of pain; the pain that you cannot share with the one you feel it for? Would it help me treasure my time with a person a little more because I know there is only so much of it left? Would we appreciate a person just a little more because we know they won’t always be around, not even to talk to on the phone, and definitely not to share pictures on Whatsapp. Would we put in more efforts in all our interactions; or would we be more ‘present’ wherever we are? Would we take in more of that experience because there might be no sharing and reliving later on?

I want to be able to go back into the time when a goodbye really meant a goodbye. When keeping in touch was not easy as it is now. When there was a possibility for all of us to work on our patience, when we couldn’t instantly gratify every need, especially that of having our loved ones around us.

In the times of an ease of access, I wonder how the pain of a separation for good would have made us different as individuals, and maybe as a society.