It is scary to realize that the horrors in the mundane life around us, the one that is palpable and in existence, are more real than those behind gruesome masks and the make-believe ghosts.

I would find it much easier to deal with my fear of that which is unknown and that which I cannot see, than the fear of the common man’s rotten side. We all have that potential in us to go wrong, make horrible mistakes, to yell, to scream, to kill and to be cold to those around.

It all boils down to the choices we make; the healthier the choice, the better the outcomes and smoother the life!

Somewhere down the line, I have realized that I find it hard to accept certain choices that people make..

revenge over forgiveness,

fear over love,

mindless obedience over reason,

another’s doom at your own cost,

teaching a lesson to someone at the cost of giving up your’s

death over life,

money over humanity,

violence over peace,

greed over gratitude,

and above all,

serving yourself at the cost of those around you.

I wonder what prompts people to act cruelly. Someone I know told me that maybe that’s the only way out for them. Maybe something in them has died, which does not let them feel what you and I do. Maybe that’s what they think is justified.

Maybe that’s where the road does diverge.

I know that we make our choices to the best of our abilities and understanding. All of us respond as best as we can to the realities we perceive around us. When the very platform is subjective to begin with, the comparison becomes all the more unfair. But I still continue to hope for hope. I know we can move towards a society that perceives reality in as realistic a way as possible.

I refuse to believe that we are doomed as a society and that there is no hope for change. I refuse to believe that there is no ounce of reason within that person who acts unreasonably. Sense and reason, are after all relative. We may not always have the same reasons, but we may not be wrong either.

It never is about the judgment and the rights and wrongs, however.

It is about the suffering, the pain, the losses and let downs and whether they are really needed.

Death does not have to be the only answer each time. If we slow down, think and communicate, maybe we will make way for a space that allows us all to be.