Just like you do,

I have been wondering too.

What about your story is so important to me?

Am I being loyal because we promised to be friends for life?

Am I being supportive because I know you need someone around right now?

Maybe this is where I show what I mean when I say we are best friends?

Or maybe not.

Maybe its got to do with how much dreams mean to me,

Maybe its about how much I want a miracle for you

It is important because you deserve better..

Because one is supposed to wait only as much for something one has always wanted

Maybe also because my love biases me in your favour

But also because its fair..

Its fair to have a happy ending for a story that has been going up and down always

Its fair to ask for a little something when you have gradually accepted all that came your way

Fair? Its rightful to want a payback for all those times when you have suffered in silence and kept yourself going with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Deep down within, I know why this story needs to go on.

There is more than one person here who needs the faith and hope to go on.