When you have someone trailing your path,

it is thought to be a good idea to set a good example.

I wasn’t looking for an exemplary set-up to follow.

Fortunately, I managed some bit of learning and thinking on the way..

But you know what I missed?

I have yearned all this while to feel normal.

Yes, it was as simple a need as normalcy.

You wouldn’t call it too much to ask for, by any chance, would you?

Glad, we agree on this!

Do you know where things went wrong? Do you know what you could have done instead?

Sitting and talking instead of the melodramatic outbursts,

Using safer targets than the family (the only one you have) to say that you’re angry

Being more respectful about the mere fact that everyone is a human in their own rights

Avoiding emotional threats that rob one of the sense of warmth and security.

What is normal, you ask?

Normal is in simple things in life.

Normal is having dinner together, going out for a walk and licking an ice-cream on the way back.

Normal is spending time with people you like, even if that means adjusting your schedules a tiny bit.

It is about staying sober long enough to know what your family is all about..

Normal is when everyone is ready to act on a single person’s whim.

Normal is also falling asleep without the fear of having to wake up to screams and fights and beatings.

Normal is also being home, all the time, without the fear of being thrown out at one person’s fancy.

Why go back on everything that’s past, though..

Now and the next are what matter

And that is why I hope (sometimes with a lot of difficulty, though) that maybe I will get a glimpse of my normal someday.

You know how they say ‘don’t be so evil that people doubt any act of kindness coming from you’

That’s what I say too – don’t take us so far out with this that we all forget our way back, together.