The song continues to play in a loop,

It is a mere sound in the background.

You are leaving

The incessant drops form a pool on the floor,

It dries up slowly, unnoticed.

You are leaving

People murmuring somewhere around,

Waved off as worthless whispering.

You are leaving

The tear stains paint a ghastly face,

The itchiness is ignored.

You are leaving

Moments pass by,

The time however stands still.

You are leaving

The phone rings. Rings again and again,

It feels like a dead weight in the hands.

You are leaving

Memories flash by,

All seeming unreal suddenly

There is only one reality

You are leaving.

The moment that haunted me since it all began,

That moment is here.

You are leaving

It is all quite now,

Peaceful maybe

No sounds

The uproar within

The cries aloud,

It’s all just quite now.

You are leaving.