As we amble along this journey of life, do we ever sit to think and wonder if we are really doing all that we can, if we are actually doing justice to our dreams, desires and ideas? And let’s assume, we do sit and think often about it and realize we are not doing enough, do we then analyze why this is so?

Of late, I have been feeling that I have been cheating myself since quite some time now. So many things I could have done, so much more I could have been and how differently life would probably have turned out. Not all decisions are life changing ofcourse. This is not really about the big achievements and fall outs in life, but about the routine and mundane acts of life; this is about choosing to be a couch potato than signing up for the gym, about refusing to meet up with someone just because it meant some amount of travel, about needing a certain dose of caffeine to be able to work efficiently, about avoiding to meet someone just because you will have to own up apologize and many more of such trivialities of life.

I like to call these behaviours ‘mental handicaps’! We are gradually making ourselves so used to not doing things that we probably don’t even try and think if we can atleast try out something. There is almost an automatic association then between an event or an idea suggesting a certain action and our lack of willingness to do it. For instance, I am not really fond of cooking and so the moment there is any mention of an idea suggesting I cook something, I easily come up with atleast 5-6 things that are supposedly more important!

Why would I want to really limit myself so much? Why does it have to be the same pattern repeatedly? Why are we so wary of something new and different; of change? After all, wasn’t change supposed to be the only thing that was constant? No doubt, it is really easy and convenient to get used to things and then carry it out in the same fashion each time. It would be too much effort to direct energies on something that has already been sorted. So well, stick to that. I’m not saying come up with a unique way of tying up your shoelaces every time or try and cook the gravy a little differently each time that you make that dish. But what I am saying is that just because I am used to having coffee at around 5 pm daily, that shouldn’t then become a deciding factor for how I will react if I do not end having that coffee. A handicap is essentially that one factor that does not allow you to act in a certain way. The amount of limitations and restrictions we put on ourselves, in essence boil down to handicapping us against any sort of novelty or change in the way we act and behave, which does limit our potential from being realized fully! So well, at the cost of sounding repetitive, I’m saying that to want to have coffee at about the same time daily, is in itself not a handicap but to not be able to function in the absence of that one steaming mug, IS!