In the dark you sat,

the setting sun giving you an eerie glow.

I sit across from you,

hidden by the shadows that play along as the sun sets further.

I stare at you as I sit there motionless,

your face twitching slightly now and then.

You fight the demons in your head,

keep swinging between the past and present.

You keep me out of this struggle,

hold me at bay.

All I can do is but to stare,

to try and fathom the darkness that lurks in your mind.

You’ll always be alone in that struggle of yours,

All I can do is watch you, silently, helplessly.

The room is dark now,

the sun having bid it’s final adieu.

You get up, stand by the window,

almost like letting your troubles set with that sun, for the day.

I’m still sitting and watching you.


for the shadows to pass,

for the hurt to cease,

for you to win the battle,

for you to come back to me.