When I’m talking to you, nothing else seems to be important enough,

When you’re not around, nothing seems to be interesting enough,

Future fantasies don’t fail to continue spinning their web at any point.

I can feel you so strongly in my pointless smiles,

I can sense your presence in the rational voice in my mind,

I can almost hear your laughter when I do something silly,

I can feel your 50 gram smiles so intensely.

All of this scares me so much!

I have never felt so tender and so intensely towards anyone;

The feeling in all it’s intensity is overwhelming and heartening,

I’m glad to be able to feel this,

To know myself the way I do now, but thoughts of ‘what if’ plague me everytime now and then.

I let it be.

A sea has both, waves that never make it to the shore and those that corrode the shoreline,

But it is a sea nonetheless!

I’m content with how I feel right now, regardless of whether I’ll ever make it to the shore.