Every few years, most of us go through different transitions in life. There are just so many such instances that we could come up with right now I’m sure! With most such changes and shifts in life, we tend to come across new people sometimes, at others it might mean leaving old friends behind and at still others (and rather unfortunately) it might also lead us to solitude or loneliness.
I went through one such major transition when I shifted out of my hometown and into a Metro city for graduation. Another transition soon followed when I finished my graduation and moved onto the University for PG studies! Needless to say, I made lots of friends and moved away from a few as well. But there was one thing that has been common, and rather is even now – “Let’s catch up”. Oh and this is something that I happen to see all around me, and not something that is unique to my repertoire of experiences of course!
These few words, “Let’s catch up” have been said at different times by different people and have evoked different emotions as well. With some there is an excitement of finally being able to meet after however long a gap; with some there is a sense of not really looking forward to the idea at all and so one begins to make excuses! With a few people, it almost does not evoke any sort of reaction at all, since both the parties are pretty aware about the fact that the idea is essentially never going to materialize. Yet again, there are times when people say this purely out of formality sake because it sounds rather nice and polite, so why not!
With the social networking sites, this whole game honestly becomes a whole lot easier. I don’t have enough to be able to converse with you through chat but it’s still good to converse sparsely here and there through comments on posts or photos or any other update. And well, a lot of such conversations end with an “Oh yes, we should definitely catch up soon now, been really long!”
This phrase more often than not only evokes amusement these days, unless ofcourse said by someone who I know better than to doubt him/her.