When I feel happy and look back to check what it is, your face invariably flashes by

I feel content with life suddenly

It’s a surreal feeling

I refrain from saying it out loud because it’s a dream that I can’t see being crushed,

It’s a bubble that might just burst if I touch it

There is an uproar of something within,

Something that overwhelms me and takes away my breath but at the same time, stops me from discovering it.

I don’t want to give it a name, I don’t want to make it tangible, lest the bubble burst and the dream never become a reality

An ugly fear also lurks within,

With this feeling that grips me

The struggle and try to beat each other

Each wants to show that it is what be feeling

And for a moment there, I realize I did give into to the temptation of judging which one was right,

But then, there is never an absolute, especially when two complex human beings are involved.

In such a case, to try and judge and decide what exists and what doesn’t

What is right and what is wrong,

Is to defeat the whole purpose of the interaction.