Quite a few years back, I had chanced upon a beautiful book, ‘Conversations With God’. A touching and a very simply written book it was! I came across a thought there that has stuck with me ever since. God, through his conversations with the author, tells us about how everything exists because we want it to. For instance, wars were and are because somewhere deep down we want them. There are famines because we want them. There is corruption because we want it. Well let’s face it, if we really didn’t want it, we would actually do something about it and not just talk and complaint about how wrong it is. There is probably a whole class of people that reaps benefits off the very instances that are shocking and bad for us! And they would then surely not want to give up on this!

So then when we all clamouring up against the riots or corruption, how many of us are honestly and genuinely bothered by it? We usually don’t do things unless they are absolutely necessary for us because there is so much that needs our attention even otherwise. So unless these acts really bother us a lot, we won’t be doing much about it. And infact there is bound to be a group of people who live by these very means, who probably earn their livelihood  in this manner. Do you think they’ll give up this practice just to rid us of our discomfort. Or maybe, do you think we’ll persist in our efforts as long as it takes to change this particular mindset and not just the behaviour?

I’m not against any kind of groups or parties that are protesting or putting in an effort, infact they are the ones that give some hope to all! But one also needs to be realistic at the same time.

It’s just like my autowala said today morning as we bounced over potholes, ‘madam yeh desh aise hi gaddhon par chalne wala hai..Anna ayenge aur jayenge par hum roz inhi raston pe chalenge..aur sach pucho to ab sabko aadat pad chuki hai..yahan pe sab chalta hai..’