Life is as simple as one chooses to make it…

Having crossed the difficult phase of adolescence and now being a young adult, I, along with a lot of my friends have faced several problems, doubts and uncertainties that are very typical of this age.

Going through the school, board exams, making the very tough choice of an appropriate stream of studies, getting into a good college, studying again, different festivals and activities and then finally wading out way through masters as well. It’s been quite a long journey! But there has been one particular area that has prevailed across all these stages and has continued to affect people. It’s the love bug!

Well, I’m honestly not against falling in love or being in a relationship, in any manner whatsoever. I am however; rather put off by how complicated almost everyone (more specifically girls) tends to make his or her relationship. My conception of a love relationship in particular is something that is primarily a source of strength. I thus fail to understand how often I see people around not wanting to eat, not wanting to go out and have fun, spending hours crying and worrying and so on.

I do not wish to imply that I have been immune to all of this and that I’m above everything. I have been through a lot of the aforementioned behaviours myself already. However, having been through them, I have realized how it is not just unhealthy, but is a sheer defeat of the purpose of having a relationship.

I’m honestly rather tired of seeing different updates on Facebook daily that indicate excessive pain at not having somebody in their life, or missing someone to the point of wanting to die and so. It is acceptable and very much understandable that break-ups hurt or that there are so many actions of our partners too that can hurt and set us back, but to let them become all consuming? How logical is that?

Girls, unfortunately, have a tangent of their own in this already complex web of a relationship that only seems to make the dynamics worse. If I want my partner to call me, I will not tell him so. If I want to tell him I am upset about something, I will first sulk and make sure he notices and asks so that I can tell him. Despite that if he doesn’t still bother to ask me about my problems, he is obviously inconsiderate and a jerk and the worst boyfriend/partner/husband ever! Wow!

However, one does not have to make one’s own life so damn complicated and difficult! If you want to say something, just say it! If you’re missing someone, just call up and say it. If you love someone, it’s ok to tell them. I mean as much as you like hearing it, others could too right?

Next time, if your boyfriend’s ex calls him (for whatever reasons) and you don’t like, just say it and finish it their, don’t sulk for the rest of the day and give both of yourselves a hard time for it!