The clock struck 7.

Someone knocked her door.

It was time to get ready

Though her work wouldn’t really start until late at night, she needed to get ready.

Emerging from the bathroom,

She stood before the mirror and let the towel drop.

Perfect as always.

But wait a minute,

There was a scratch on her shoulder that she hadn’t noticed.

She scorned herself. This was not being professional.

She put on her dress, pulling it down just enough to let a peek into her feminity.

Next came the make-up.




Lipstick, red lipstick.

Yes she was now ready.

She walked out like a queen emerging before her subjects.

She was proud of her body, but no one looked twice as she made her way to the desk.

She took down the address and got into a cab.

A hotel,

A five star hotel

Thank God! At least it will be an A.C room, a soft bed.

He paced around in the room, waiting for her.

She entered.

He wanted to get started right away,

She closed her eyes and with it her mind.

This was routine,

To lock up herself, to withdraw into a safe corner where she didn’t know what happened to her outside.

But where could her mind go after all?

To her childhood, where her parents fought and her mother lay in a bloody mess each night?

To her adolescence, when she had tried hard to earn her living?

To her now, where he took in her body with his hungry eyes?


This is what she saw in those eyes.

A hunger to feel her,

A hunger to get her,

A hunger to get into her.

Her eyes were hungry too.

Hungry for that one look of care.

Hungry for that one look of love.

Hungry for an affectionate hug.

Hungry for warmth.


The eyes that briefly met, were both hungry

But the hunger was different,

His satisfied,

Her’s, never to be.