The crescent moon, with its nascent glow,

Smiles at me through the window,

A shining star twinkles just below,

Burning sweetly, ever so slow.

It reminds me of the time that was,

Making me yearn to be again, as close.

Remember the squeal of laughter and delight

Each time we saw the sight?

Remember how I grabbed your arm

Awed by the moon’s sheer beauty and charm?

My entire being aches with a longing I never knew,

The pain of separation rising anew.

I pray that you shall see the moon too,

And I hope it doesn’t make you so blue.

A tear leaks from my eye,

Reminding me of the moment we said goodbye.

And soon my eyes are brimming with tears,

As I think of the coming years.

The years that I will spend alone,

Struggling with the hurts, yet unknown.

I know the Sun rises there as I gaze at the moon,

But it will rise there too, very soon.

Remember, the moon you see today,

Has come all the way,

Just to see your smiles

And relieve your friend, across the miles.

Coz when I know you are fine,

All the world’s peace is mine.

I shall wait for that time when we are one,

Until when, to soothe me, there is none.

Dedicated to Dhara Kamania.