These mists surround me all around,

Find the truth, if I can, will leave me astound.

Its thick, its dense, it mocks me all the time,

As if to unveil it, is an unpardonable crime.

Why are things so unclear?

Why do people blur, those who I hold dear?

I strain to see through the mist,

Coz I cannot, try hard as I may, resist.

But there is something forbidding about it,

Something that makes me feel like I’m falling down a pit.

Is it real or an illusion?

Is it a need or a temptation?

Is there anything waiting for me beyond?

Something of which I might grow fond?

If yes, then pray keep it away,

Or I fear I may go astray.

It has taken me long to learn,

To let go of that which makes me yearn.

It was painful at the start,

My intentions and will, from me, did depart.

But it’s easy now to let go,

Easier still, if I just never know.

And so I say to keep me away

From that which may drive me astray.


Wait, I see a slight gap in the dense whiteness,

Maybe that, which hides, reveals itself in all its finesse.

But pray, let it remain veiled

Coz I fear that my wounds have not yet healed.

The wound of separation,

The wound of having seen the aggression.

The pain that seared my heart,

I bear it still; of me it’s a part.

The hurt of having lost a close one,

The hurt of having been on the run.

Why did I have to run and hide?

Why did my esteem slip and slide?

I question myself often,

Turning up empty, answers to none.

Thus I stay caught up in the mists,

Fighting the air with unseen fists.

Let me be,

Don’t make me see.

That, which I fear,

And that, which is still very dear.

Let me rest in this illusionary world

Where nothing will ever come uncurled.