There are quite a few mixed reactions that I came across, regarding the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’. Some people are totally loving the movie (me included), some have found it rather boring and some still are plain scandalized!

About the first group of people, I’ve been discussing the movie with a lot of people and there are so many aspects that have left an impact on different people for various reasons! Be it Vidya’s bold and confident presence, be it the story line, the songs or the dialouges, the movie has hit different people differently. I was first and foremost, hit immensely by the fact that such a person existed, and that too atleast 30-40 before our times! A woman who wanted to act, who wanted to make it big and did! People can contemplate whether her means to her end were justified or not, but you can’t ignore the fact that she was who she was! Films at that time sold merely because ‘Silk’ was in it!

The movie very beautifully portrays a woman’s ambitions, her rise and the subsequent fall! It captures a woman’s various aspects so well too. Within the vivacious and bold Silk, still resided a naive and innocent Reshma, who had run away from her village. Behind the semi-clad glam item girl, was a woman who longed for love, a touch that made her feel special, shoulders that would give her security. The dialogues only add to all this very well! She lived for herself and died for the same reason. The grace with which that lady must have lived her life amazes me even now!

About the second group then, who have found the movie boring, I wonder what they were exactly expecting from the movie to begin with? The movie is more or less a biopic. There would hardly be a point that one would not expect then in the movie. There is bound to be a lack of any kind of suspense or thrill and hardly anything is left for the audience to imagine too! What the movie has to be rated on is whether it manages to capture the essence of the person it claims to be the story of, whether it manages to recreate a time that was much before us and finally whether it manages to appeal to the emotions and minds of those who watch it. For me, it does and I believe that is what matter more about such a film.

Finally, coming to people who are actually scandalized, I’m not sure what I would want to say about it. If you were not exactly prepared for the show of skin that comes with the movie, then well you were not meant to enjoy it anyway is all I can think of saying. And having, said that, I also don’t believe any part of the movie was gross, disgusting or vulgar.

The movie has had a strong impact on me, specially in having succeeded so well in capturing a person’s transformation so well.