I close my eyes and see

a girl all spent.

Spent of all energy,

exhausted with her duties.

A creature bent over,

wanting some respite

afraid of breaking down

scared of coming to a standstill

those from whom she seeks comfort,

stand at a distance, facing away.

those that stand near

are but oblivious to her pains.

It’s too dark, it’s heavy and it’s painful.


She gave a sardonic smile

No one can alleviate her concerns ever

there’s a beast that stays within,

the one that no one has met

It’s vicious and unforgiving

lashing out when least expected.



Giving in to the beast

giving in to her pains

she curls up in a corner

wiping the unshed tears


and I open my eyes

I walk on towards my destination

vaguely aware of a mild pang within.