More often than not, almost everyone in our field has come across people who think that studying psychology is more or less a training in reading people’s minds. Some people take this ahead to assume that we read not only minds, but faces, body language and so on.

I realized something different in the train today.

Fortunately, my music player died on me and I still had to entertain myself between Churchgate and Vile Parle. I decided to catch on some sleep but my co-travellers had some different plans in mind!

This is about two women in particular who, between the two of them almost managed to create a ruckus in the train!

Loud, brash and angry…that’s how two conversations, almost simultaneously, ensued over their respective cell phones.

Coming back to my main point, one lady sat and gave a detailed account of her immediate supervisor. I was rather impressed at the way she sat and described how that man functions, how he manipulates those around him, how he can have his work done and she ventured ahead to even comment on his personal life and went about predicting him and so forth and so on!

The second lady (farther off but louder too) was extremely upset with someone and quite vehemently murdered the person’s character before atleast 30-40 other women! I never managed to find out more as she got off while her tirade went on.

I was rather amused!

But atleast now I have proof that however distorted the idea of us reading minds is, we apparently aren’t the only ones who do it.

Also, everyone essentially has an inherent ‘psychologist’; we are just officially trained!