Rains evoke so many romantic feelings at all times; several pleasant activities associated with it as well! Getting wet, jumping in puddles of water, cycling in torrential rains, walking hand in hand with your beloved, having the quintessential garma-garam bhajiya (or maggi if you like) and just so much more…

I too love these rains, I feel this freedom in just leaving everything aside, going out and getting all drenched, till I start feeling cold…and ofcourse, I’m no exception. A lot of people I know have as much fun with the rains I’m sure!

However, it’s not always when the rains evoke this lovely feeling! More often than not, it’s just an inconvenience. You want to travel from one place to another, you’re getting late for a meeting/class/date, you have walk quite a bit to reach your destination, you’re about to get married in an open-space area etc etc! And then, all that rains can mean to one are a nuisance!

I often keep abusing the rains for their wrong timing, but somehow sometime later I realized that there seems to be not end to this complaning about “it always rains at the wrong time”. I figure it’s more to do with this crazy and busy life than anything else, and the least bit to do with the rains itself.

Coming to think of it, it was quite a while back when I just sat and appreciated a rising or a setting sun, when I sat the beach just for the sake of it and not because I had planned aa compulsory off, when I just sat doing nothing and enjoyed that as well, when I read a novel because I really wanted to and not to just to while away the travel time…the list will go on.

It’s a been-there-done-that concept! Everyone more often than not keeps reminding us to ‘live’, to have fun while we can, to enjoy the small  beauties around us, to appreciate each moment of life. Sometimes I think, it’s just too idealistic a goal to achieve anymore!