Since the time that I have decided to return home after completing my masters, I have been rather restless! I want to roam around the city and explore so many more places. I’m not one of those people who can easily give into their own whims, pack a small bag and just leave for a place they really want to see!
With a few traits of an obsessive-compulsive personality, I do tend to make elaborate and rigorous plans before I actually execute things. And thus followed a list of places that I just wanted to check out, visit, and once before did actually leave the place behind.

Also, my roommates and their would-be’s are the so-called partner-in-crime. We sat down and drew up a list of which, the topmost in our minds and also an easily achievable target without many plans was the Infiniti Mall (Malad).

Surprisingly, I was able to appreciate a mall all over again, after having had an overdose of the same in this city; there is mall at almost every other corner now! Infiniti however, is a good combination of brands affordable at all levels of the economy, food outlets that will again cater to a wide group and a size that will definitely not disappoint people on a Sunday! I like the feel of the place…sleek and sophisticated.

The only let down was that the ‘Planet Infiniti’ a section on the topmost floor with games and rides has is still under construction…once that starts, the mall might just start to feel a little stuffy and small!

It’s almost a competition to the High Street Phoenix, in terms of not only size but also given the brand and food outlets it has. People in the suburbs just got an easier and a nearer way out!

And ofcourse, since this was a part of our ‘trip list’ we had to click photos too!